Thursday, August 5, 2010

Week 27: Nuts!

I know I am very behind in the project, but rather than bore you with excuses I'll just pick up where I left off and try to sneak in a couple a week to catch up.

We spent a week in Maine in the middle of July - this marks our third year in a row doing this so it's becoming a bit of a family tradition. The difference from this year to last is that this year we were able to stay at the family camp that we've been re-habbing since early Spring.

It's nice to have space for everyone and be in a spot that is relatively quiet. You hardly hear anything when you're at camp except for the birds, wind and the river passing by. It's incredibly peaceful.

There's also quite a few little critters to observe.

While I tried to get pictures of the chipmunk who hangs around camp, I couldn't entice him to stay still for long enough. I did get him to eat out of my hand a few times, remembering how my grandmother used to do it. Put a few peanuts in the palm of your hand and hang out for a while... eventually chippy comes sniffing around and sits on you hand and stuffs the peanuts into his cheeks. I got him to sit for long enough to extend my finger up and rub his stomach - those little guys are super soft.

Anyway, back to the photo. So in the chipmunk's place I got a squirrel to dine on a few pre-planted peanuts and ended up getting a few good shots of him:

I also took a few rolls of film while I was up there that I have yet to develop. If I ever get the time to do it and scan them I'll add them in as some of the weekly shots.

I still have to try some setup shots at home - I have some ideas, but now all I need is some time to do them.