Saturday, December 6, 2008

My photo is in the top 50 for the November photo contest

I submitted a picture I took at the Topsfield Fair to the November photo contest on - the theme was Motion. There were around 140 entries and that list was trimmed to 50 by Boston University's director of photojournalism, Peter Southwick. Just getting into the top 50 is exciting, but if you want to vote for my photo to be one of the top three, just visit this site:

Voting instructions are on the page, and they're really simple. Just find my photo (you can see it below) and drag it into one of the top three spots. Find two others you like, then click submit.

Here are a few more shots that I took that night.


My name is none of your beeswax said...

that photo is terrific - I hope you win!