Monday, December 8, 2008

Yashica? YASHICA! holga? HOLGA!

So I jumped on the medium format / holga bandwagon recently and I just got back three rolls that I had processed and crudely scanned to CD (I need to convince the wife that I can't live without a scanner... these scans blow). Here's a few that I think turned out OK. The top two (alley and buildings) were shot with the Holga. The rest of that roll made me realize that I need to be very steady when I shoot with that camera. The rest were taken with the Yashica I picked up on ebay. The B&W were shot on Ilford HP-5 Plus 400 speed film and the color shots were on Fuji Pro400H.

Not only were these the first shots to get scanned, they were the first ones I had sent out to a lab through the mail. I had my doubts about getting them back in tact, but the negatives all seem clean. My only gripe is the low resolution of the scans - each one was barely a megapixel, and as you can see in the sunset shot there is a lot of vertical banding. Oh well - good for proofs I suppose, and even more ammunition in the argument for picking up a quality scanner of my own.


Gordana.M said...

Photos of our little one would be my pick (nt for subject only;) Love the feel of them... And thanks for stopping by, sure means a lot!