Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Drive By Holga

So I've been playing with the holga for a little while now, but one thing I have not been all that great about is keeping notes on what I shot with it and when, and also what I was doing with the camera at the time. So, since I have no idea how to re-create anything I've shot I have decided that the camera will from now on be loaded with ISO 400 film of either B&W or Color variety and I will use it in a Shoot-First-As-Questions-Later fashion.

I did get a tip from my friend's father who is a professional photographer that shooting slide film is a better way to go with Medium Format, so I think I'll try to pick up some of that in the near future knowing full well that my exposures will be tighter, but so be it.

Anywho - here's a pair of images I shot on the way home one day when the sky was warming up with the sunset:

As part of my goal of shooting more this year I have started carrying the Holga around with me wherever I go, for the most part. I'm hoping that I'll get to use it more and figure out how to exploit its little quirks. It's a fun little camera for sure.


Hey Harriet said...

Just popped over from the POE blog after reading the feature on you. Wonderful photos & great interview! I really like your blog.

Have fun with your Holga. You've just reminded me to dust off & have a play with my poor neglected Diana camera :)

meg said...

Just saw your feature on the POE blog! SO COOL!

I've been thinking about getting a Holga, but I really don't know much about them or the different styles. I'm interested in how it goes with you. Maybe you'll inspire me to take the leap :P

Julie Magers Soulen said...

Congrats on the POE blog feature! Have fun playing with your new Holga too!

Ann Wilkinson said...

Matt, I love your Holga photos, as you know. I got mine out last week and played around with it and have crossed fingers. Our interview inspired me to dig it out of my bag and load up Lady Holga with some film. Thanks!!