Wednesday, March 11, 2009

I've been featured!

The Photographers of Etsy are an Etsy team with over 800 members. The talent in the group is pretty astounding. Just head on over to Etsy and search for POE and see what comes up. It's all pretty amazing stuff and there are quite a few members who continue to blow my mind with their work. In fact I featured a POE team member yesterday (in case you missed it just click here or just scroll down to yesterday's post).

So, when I was asked by Ann Wilkinson if I would be interested in being featured on the POE Blog I couldn't respond with a yes fast enough.

Here's the link to the feature: POE Blog Spotlight on ME!!

I know this is a blatant self promotion post, but I figured that given the circumstances anyone reading this would indulge me. It's not often I get featured by a photography blog (in fact this is the very first time) so I figured it was worth a post.

Take a look at the post, read through the interview, and when you're done make sure you take a look here:

-- Ann's blog and Etsy store
-- The Photographers of Etsy team page on Etsy
-- A handy link I created for you - just click here to automagically search Etsy for POE listings

Thanks again to Ann for the opportunity!


Ann Wilkinson said...

wow, thanks Matt! you didn't have to link me, and i truly appreciate it! i really enjoyed talking with you to put the article together. it was really fun. i love your work.