Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Simple concept, beautiful execution

Simon Høgsberg photographed 178 people over 20 days at a train station in Berlin to create a single continuous print that measured 300 feet (100 meters) long. The plan seems simple enough, but its execution is amazing.

Click the link below to see the image.

"We're All Gonna Die - 100 meters of existence"

"This image is 100 meters long (100m x 78cm)

There are 178 people in the picture, all shot in the course of 20 days from the same spot on a railroad bridge on Warschauer Strasse in Berlin in the summer of 2007.

Only a few of the people in the photograph seemed to know I was taking their picture."

From The Online Photographer from Simon Høgsberg's website


Sherrycolet said...

300 feet and 20 days, I love this, it is amazing!