Saturday, January 31, 2009

More images from the Alaska trail

This pond was alongside the trail where we encountered the bear. It's hard to see but in the background you should be able to pick out some of the low-level fog that seemed to be with us for 80% of the trip. 

These photos from the trail were only half of the outing that day. From there we went to a port and boarded a rigid hull inflatable to search for some whales in the sound. We were lucky enough to catch a few humpbacks while we were out there. I'll put those images up in a post tomorrow.


Megan said...

oy, that is beautiful!

littlepapoose said...

quite lovely...and how fun!!

Traveling Painter said...

Oh my- the greeeeeens! This makes me want fall asleep in some lush forest carpet...'cept maybe not in Alaska coldness :-)