Sunday, February 1, 2009

Photography and music I like

I was pretty intrigued by the cover and liner shots of Andrew Bird's new album, Noble Beast, so I went looking in the album credits and was happy to see that the photographer's name was included. 

Cameron Wittig was the photographer who took the album shots, and his website is here: His site shows a lot of his art, and of particular interest to me are the images under the music section of his portraits.

I had never heard of Cameron Wittig before reading his name in the liner notes, so imagine my surprise when I stumbled upon him again from an image that was posted to

Anyway, I figured I'd share it with you since I am a fan of the man he captured on film and recently became a fan of the man who captured him. 


C. Wade said...

Andrew Bird's Twitter uses a Cameron Wittig photo- now I knowwwwww!

I had seen that shot with the tree stump before though, and never knew who took it..

Chessa! said...

this is what you suggested today! can't wait to check it out. thanks!!