Thursday, February 5, 2009

Finally! it's back in stock!!

man that seemed to take forever...

After finally settling on a scanner I went to B&H (had a gift card) to see about ordering it only to see that it was Out Of Stock. That was about two weeks ago. I dutifully signed up for the Notify Me When This Is In service and would routinely check the site just because I don't trust those services much. There must've been a massive shortage of these scanners because I could not find one anywhere - even the Epson store itself was sold out.

Well just a minute ago in my inbox arrived a note from B&H informing me that the scanner was back in stock and ready to be ordered!

It should arrive on Monday, providing countless hours of sleep deprivation and excitement. I predict I'll be needing a new harddive soon.

In case anyone is wondering, the scanner is an Epson v-500 - see it here: Epson V-500 @ B&H Photo

This is by no means an endorsement... I'll give my two cents when I have a week or so to play with it.


Julie Magers Soulen said...

Looking forward to your future review!

C. Wade said...

love me some B&H. Do you have any experience with film scanners by any chance?

Matt Allen Photography said...

@C.Wade - Last time I used a film scanner it was a dedicated 35mm Nikon scanner. From what I remember it took a lifetime to scan one neg.

I've never used a flatbed neg scanner, so we'll see how it goes. I am not sure if I'll print from these scans or just use it to post images to the web and decide which negatives I want higher-quality scans from for printing.

@Julie - I will be sure to post up at least a brief review along with images by the middle of the week.