Monday, February 9, 2009

The three greatest words in the English language...


I have a few strange habits, but probably the strangest is my fetish for receiving mail. When I get home from work, after I say hello to the kids (and sometimes before even saying hello to the wife) I usually ask if we got any mail that day. Even if I'm not expecting anything.

So when I'm waiting for something I've ordered, and I check the UPS or FedEx status and see the words OUT FOR DELIVERY I get this Christmas-eve, last-day-of-school, night-before-vacation excitement.

Today, and for the next three days, I expect something to arrive at the house for me. First up is the scanner which I have already posted about way too many times. Along with the scanner I should be getting two prints that I had done up from the two winners in the photo club theme contests I've been running (another post coming on that at some point).

Tomorrow should be a few prints for the house that my wife wanted to hang up. She's my only customer right now (hint: Etsy shop link here for your convenience where you can buy my prints ).

And on Wednesday I'll be getting in the frames and mats for prints I'll receive today. These theme winners are being hung up at work. Pretty exciting, although since I am running the monthly meetings and heading up the club I have taken myself out of the competition.

It's a very exciting week for mail at my house.


Chessa! said...

gave you a shout out on my blog this am:)

Julie Magers Soulen said...

I totally know what you mean! It's so fun when the UPS guy drives up the hill to deliver a new toy.

Mattivere said...

I commend you for your strength in receiving mail. I have the biggest anxiety in getting mail.

Shari said...

Funny. Those are my favorite words, too. Haven't seen too many of them lately, though. :)