Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Just in case you missed it...

There's a really great Q&A on Strobist today with photographer Bil Zelman. The interesting part of the piece, for me anyway, was that it was about stripping down and shooting images for emotion, not technical approach which is usually what strobist is all about. I love reading strobist to understand lighting and how to reverse engineer a shot, but even more interesting to me are the conversations that happen between David Hobby and other Pros.

Included in the piece on Strobist is a brief video featuring a slideshow of Bil Zelman's work and a recording of him talking about his process and philosophy. One thing he said in there really struck a chord with me, and it's something I am trying to remind myself of when I think about what I want to capture and create:

"There's a big difference between style and technique."
- Bil Zelman

from strobist.com and zelmanstudios.com