Friday, January 29, 2010

Week 4: Silvertone

Cold doesn't even begin to describe what today felt like. At one point while I was walking around I was convinced that my cheek was going to jump off my face and run away in objection to me having brought it outside to snap a few frames.

In spite of the cold there were a few interesting things to shoot, and I found myself standing across the street from the Silvertone restaurant in the Financial district of Boston, just off Tremont street, near the Park Street T stop. If you like mac&cheese you should stop in here one day, I hear it's dynamite.

I had hoped that the dude inside would eventually pop out because I didn't like him in the shot, but then when I saw dude #2 walking past the front door I figured I could get them both and make an interesting (at least visually) composition. I like the way my eye keeps getting dragged from right to left across the frame, starting with warm dude inside and leaving with cold dude outside.

Week #4, here it is:

I even make a cameo appearance in this one, but I am dressed up like a ninja so you can't really see me. I'm the space ghost looking reflection just above the menus and to the right of the 'e' in Silvertone.


Mia said...

love the shot :) looking forward to next week's photo