Wednesday, April 28, 2010

A great piece on Dorothea Lange heard on NPR today

On the drive into work today I heard a piece on NPR about Dorothea Lange and a new book written about her by Linda Gordon.

The piece starts off talking about what is arguably Dorothea Lange's most recognizeable image, that of a California pea picker Florence Owens Thompson. The image was taken while Lange was employed by the Farm Security Administration in March, 1936.

One incredible piece of information I learned from the NPR piece was that all of the images that Dorothea Lange took during her work with the FSA became the proprety of the US Government. The original images were accompanied by captions that she wrote for each image, but they were not distributed with the images when the FSA would make them available to news outlets. Not even the titles of her images were preserved.

Listen to the NPR piece embedded below, or visit this link to read more about the new book by Linda Gordon.


freespiritfarm said...

:-) I listened to this on NPR awhile ago (have no tv, so NPR is my entertainment!) and looked up the photograph! The story behind the photos are just amazing. They raise so many questions.

THIS is why I said you should do portraits. There's something about your style that screams to me that you should do portraits. Remind me sometime and I'll send you a couple of photos that I took while I was down in Nicaragua.

Talk to you soon! :-)

MissKArt said...

Very informative clip. She was so passionate and driven. Its such a shame that people back then let something so insignificant as sex blind them to that.