Thursday, March 25, 2010

Week 12: Pseudo Pano

I hadn't shot with my Holga in a long while, so I loaded it with some 400 speed Ilford HP5+ and ventured out this week in the cold and rain. It's been pretty miserable weather wise, but miserable weather is what B/W film was made for in my humble opinion. Especially miserable weather in the city.

There's something about when it's overcast and rainy, and the buildings have a slick coat of wet on them, that makes it look perfect to me for taking photos. The tricky part is in the timing. I'm not very good at holding an umbrella and taking photos at the same time, so I need to get the timing right and get out in between the showers.

For this shot I actually never even went outside. I took this from my office window, looking East toward Quincy Market from Beacon Street.

two frames from the Holga, f/11 for 1/100sec on ISO 400 Ilford HP5+ scanned on an Epson v500

It's two images that I didn't fully advance the frame on. I had planned on layering them to make a panorama, but this sorta works on its own I think. There's a third frame off to the right that I was also going to include, but since that was totally separated from the image I just left it off.

This is definitely making me want to play around more with forcing panoramas within the camera. I need more practice obviously, but eventually it would be fun to try and seamlessly combine images within the camera.

The outtakes this week are more plentiful than last week. The two B/W outtakes are from Chinatown, also taken on the Holga. The color shots are from near South Station, just outside the place where I have my color slide film developed. I had a few frames left and these guys were staring me in the face.


C. Wade said...

I'm loving your outtakes! Good to see you playing around with the Holga again. I should get one of those one of these days.