Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Epiphanie bags is giving away a new camera, and I wanna win it

Camera bags are usually pretty ugly things, mostly utilitarian in design, so it's nice to see a company making camera bags that don't scream "HEY LOOK OVER HERE, THERE'S A CAMERA IN ME"

Epiphanie is a camera bag maker that focuses on creating camera bags for women. You can check out their lineup here: The designs are pretty freaking clever. From the outside you would never know there's a camera and lenses in there.

Right now they're holding a contest where a lucky participant (read: me) is going to win either a new Canon 5dMK2 or a $2500 voucher on Southwest Airlines. I'm going to chose the camera.

If you want to find out more about the contest check it out here: but don't be upset when you find out that I'm the lucky winner ;-)


Craig said...

I think the Belle would look good on you ;-)

I dislike the thought of climbing on your bandwagon, but would it be ok if I decreased your odds of winning by entering as well? I know it would be a shame to waste a 5D on greenhorn like myself, but it seems to be a no brainer.

Rachael Thomas said...

I love that bag! When I got my camera I didn't want a camera bag because they are so plain and they look like camera bags! So I made my own out of an army bag. looks way better.

Matt Allen Photography said...

Craig - if you win you gotta let me borrow it for a weekend. That's the only stipulation.

C. Wade said...

I had no idea these types of bags existed. I have a couple (quite masculine) camera bags, but those are just awesome.

I won't water down the competition for you guys, since I'm a Nikon shooter ;-)

Craig said...

Agreed! But I'll do better. I'll let you borrow on a consistent basis. I don't want my 20D feeling like a second class citizen.:-)

Matt Allen Photography said...

Cait - they're also giving away $2500 on Southwest as an alternative prize to the Canon. Of course, you could always give me the camera in the event your name gets pulled ;-)