Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Negatives drying, ready to be scanned

Another adventure awaits tonight as I'll put the latest roll of film into the scanner to see if anything is worth saving. Last night I developed my first roll of Efke 50 b/w film (120) - never shot with ISO 50 film before, so I have no idea if what I took will actually come through or not.

I had a hard time finding developing times for this film with the developer I have (Ilford DD-X). I ended up having to post a question on the photo.net boards, and someone came back with a response of 7minute with the stock dilution. So I crossed my fingers and gave it a whirl.

The negatives look pretty good to the naked eye, but I do not have a light table (to be built) and I can't find my loupe anyway.

Hoping one of the frames is good enough for this week's photo. Stay tuned...


Abbie said...

Reading this post about developing film is kind of like reading a foreign language to me, haha. (stock dilution! light table! loupe!) But my mom is visiting in a few weeks, and she's bringing me her old Canon AE-1 Program to play with -- so I will probably need to brush up on a few things relating to film :)

Excited to see this week's photo---